Do you need a battery with your home solar array? The short answer is YES, in California, it makes more sense to have a battery alongside your solar panels on your roof. It’s better than just installing solar alone. The reason may not be obvious, but we can help explain it here and in person so that you feel comfortable with your battery choice.

Like everything in life, things change. Your neighbor might have gone solar five years ago and they didn’t need a battery. However, that was a different time with different rules and economics. Technology evolves, just like computers what was available five years ago is different from today. Cities and utilities are demanding more from technology to upgrade California’s electric grid to meet increasing demand.

If you decide to go solar today, it would be wise to install a battery to store some of the daytime energy and use it in the evening or at night. This makes the most economic sense. Charge the battery during the day with solar energy, then use it to power your electronics during the evening and night. It’s a simple concept with significant benefits.

2024 is the year of the battery manufacturer. Many new companies are launching new batteries into the California and US markets every week. We spend a lot of time researching new tech, talking with industry professionals, and attending trade shows to understand these innovations.

There are hundreds of battery options available to consumers, ranging from lead-acid car batteries to shipping containers full of lithium-ion batteries used to stabilize communities’ electricity during grid events. Among these options, a few stand out in today’s market: Tesla, Enphase, and Franklin WH batteries.


Tesla has been a leader in battery technology for a long time, offering products like the Powerwall 3. Your solar panels connect directly to the Powerwall, which stores energy for use when the sun goes down.


Enphase, known for micro-inverter technology, has incorporated smart technology into its battery platform. This allows for optimized energy usage in your home by synchronizing the output of solar panels and batteries.


Franklin WH offers flexible battery solutions, allowing for more customized options for larger homes with higher energy needs. Their engineering is top-notch, ensuring reliable backup power for homes with greater energy demands.

When considering batteries for your solar array, it’s essential to evaluate your home’s energy needs and choose the option that best fits your requirements.


Batteries play a significant role in today’s solar systems. Using safe and compatible batteries is crucial for your home energy setup. It’s also wise to choose batteries from reputable companies that integrate well with your system. With many suppliers available, we suggest sticking to established manufacturers to ensure quality and reliability.